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April 2024
April 2024

Hasbro Barrel of Monkeys Game Candy Cane Edition

by Hasbro
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Help these monkeys make some sweet connections! The holiday season is a great time to play the Barrel of Monkeys Candy Cane Edition game with family and friends. When players throw their monkeys out on a table, their arms and candy canes are tangled up together, so here comes the challenge: who can pick up one monkey and then pick up another monkey by the first monkey's arm or candy cane, then continue to make a monkey chain? Be careful…dropping a monkey means that turn is over! The first player to hook together 14 monkeys wins! Includes 14 plastic monkeys and game rules.

  • Fun monkey game challenges you to pick up monkeys and build a parade to win
  • Pick up each monkey with the last monkey's arm
  • If you drop your monkeys, you lose your turn
  • Have even more fun with this cute Holiday edition