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Summer 2024
Summer 2024

Playskool Heroes Marvel The Power Up Squad

by Hasbro
Original price $20.58 - Original price $20.58
Original price
$20.58 - $20.58
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Little ones can imagine saving the day and helping these Marvel Super Heroes defend the planet against Thanos! Sized right for small hands, the figures get a boost with the Playskool Heroes power up arms. Power up each figure with removable arms that snap on and off so kids can pretend to make their favorite Marvel Super Heroes even more powerful. The 5-pack features some of Marvel's iconic characters: Thanos, Marvel's Black Widow, Hulkbuster, Iron Man, and Hulk figures.

  • Features 5 popular Marvel characters
  • Figures feature removable power up arms that snap on and off
  • Sized right for small hands