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April 2024
April 2024

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Face It Challenge

by Hasbro
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Get your game face on in this hilarious game based on the Face It Challenge game on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Players make outrageous faces based on scenarios like "Just bit into a lemon, " "Turning into a werewolf, " or "Robot trying to be human" -- but try not to laugh or crack before opponents do! Players need to keep their cool to win the Face-Off. The included double-sided mirror lets players practice their crazy faces, then drops for a head-to-head reveal. The first player to win 3 Face-Offs wins the game. Keep the laughs going in Party Mode where players battle it out for the title of Face-Off Master.

  • The wildly funny game played on the Tonight Show
  • Try not to laugh or crack before your opponent or you lose
  • Includes a double sided mirror that drops to reveal
  • Recommended Age: 10+