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May 2024
May 2024

Victrola The Kit Vinyl Record Holder and Cleaner

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A cleaning kit for all your vinyl records. Keep your prized records free of dust, grime, fingerprints, and scratches with Victrola's The Kit, a full cleaning set that comes with a smart, sleek record stand with an espresso wooden base and black metal accents. This kit is so easy to use and makes vinyl record cleaning a breeze. This kit comes with everything you need to clean your LPs - an anti-static brush, a cleaning solution, and a microfiber cloth, plus a simple-to-assemble stand to keep your cleaning kit handy, right behind your favorite record in the front.

  • The Kit keeps your favorite vinyl records dirt scratch free
  • Equipped with an anti-static brush to remove dust
  • Each component of the Kit is specifically designed to provide the utmost care for your favorite vinyl records