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Summer 2024
Summer 2024

Xuron 501 Wire Stripper-Cutter 10-26 AWG

by Xuron
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The Xuron 501 Adjustable Wire Stripper is designed for stripping wire sizes from 10 to 26 AWG (American Wire Gauge)/2.59-0.405 mm in electronics, electrical, and telecommunications applications. A thumb-adjustable cam sets the stripper to the wire diameter for accurate cuts. The cutting blades are made from alloyed steel for durability, and they bypass one another for square cuts without spikes, reducing cutting effort and mechanical shock. This wire stripper has cushioned rubber handle grips and return spring for user comfort. Precision wire strippers are typically used by electricians, electromechanical technicians, or telecommunications technicians to repair or install wiring. Great for hobbies, modeling, crafts, electronics, and jewelry. Made in the USA

  • Xuron 501 Wire Stripper/Cutter 10-26 AWG
  • Great for modeling
  • UPC: 615265901346
  • Recommended Age: 14+