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May 2024
May 2024

Essential Nik Kershaw CD

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Three CDs. Essential Nik Kershaw brings together the very best works from one of the most popular pop stars and talented songwriters of the '80s. This excellent collection features original classic hits including 'Wouldn't It Be Good', 'I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me' and 'The Riddle', well-loved album tracks, b-sides, live recordings and various alternative versions.

  • Artist: Nik Kershaw
  • Title: Essentials
  • Number of Songs: 40



1. Wouldn't It Be Good
2. I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
3. Don Quixote
4. Radio Musicola
5. Wide Boy
6. Nobody Knows
7. One Step Ahead
8. Elisabeth's Eyes
9. James Cagney
10. Bogart
11. Cloak and Dagger
12. Save the Whale
13. When I Grow Up
14. Wounded Knee


1. Dancing Girls
2. The Riddle
3. Human Racing
4. When A Heart Beats
5. Roses
6. Cowboy's and Indians
7. Know How
8. Monkey Business
9. Wild Horses (Live)
10. One Of Our Fruit Machines is Missing (Instrmental)
11. My Friend John
12. Burning At Both Ends
13. Life Goes On
14. Take My Place
15. City of Angels (Live)
16. Dark Glasses CD3

1. I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Extended version)
2. Wouldn't It Be Good (Remix)
3. Dancing Girls (Special Extended Version)
4. Drum Talk (Special Hi-Energy Remix)
5. The Riddle (Extended Riddle)
6. Wide Boy (Special Extended Mix)
7. Don Quixote (Extra Special Long Mix)
8. Radio Musicola (Extended Version)
9. One Step Ahead (Industrial Mix)
10. Elisabeth's Eyes (Extended Version)