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February 2024 ❄
February 2024 ❄

Lightseekers Awakening Spinblade 3000 Weapon

by Tomy
Original price $11.99 - Original price $11.99
Original price
$11.99 - $11.99
Current price $11.99

The double sawblades on this weapon make short work on any enemy! Add the Spinblade 3000 Tech Order weapon to any hero and it instantly appears in the Lightseekers video game, allowing access to new areas in the game. Lights flash and change colors based on in-game progress. The Spinblade 3000 weapon pack also includes an exclusive reality weapon trading card. Scan the card for AR effects and rewards.

  • Lightseekers Game
  • Spinblade 3000 Tech Order Weapon
  • Includes exclusive weapon card